• BREAKING NEWS – Supreme Court allows UNISON’s appeal in respect of ET fees

    Until 29th July 2013 a claimant could bring and pursue proceedings in an Employment Tribunal and appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal without paying fees. By virtue of the Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013 (SI 2013/1893), a claimant is burdened with having to pay a fee: the amount being dependent upon […]

  • The Return of Giles Bridge

    Giles Bridge of Counsel who left Chambers to pursue other interests a few years ago has returned to practise at Broadway House Chambers. We are all thrilled to welcome him back as I am sure you all are. If you wish to brief him please contact the crime clerks.

  • Abdul v Yorkshire County Cricket Club (April 2017)

    Mark Brookes successfully secured the reduction of a cricketing ban in this appeal from a decision of the Yorkshire and Derbyshire cricket league on the 1st September 2016. Following a violent incident in the match between Totley CC and Stockbridge CC on the 23rd July 2016, one of the Totley opening batsmen had been banned […]

  • R v Neil Taggart (June 2017)

    Jon Gregg represented a former Lord Mayor of Leeds who pleaded guilty to making and distributing indecent images of children between 2010 and 2016. The Defendant served as Lord Mayor in 2003 and was a Labour Councillor for more than 30 years. He was sentenced to 32 months at Leeds Crown Court. The case featured […]

  • R v Wendy Thompson (April 2017)

    Tahir Khan QC appeared at the Old Bailey to represent the Defendant who had pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving. She had ploughed into a stationary vehicle whilst on her phone, sending a birthday greeting on Facebook. The victim, aged 84, died from his injuries. Following Mr. Khan’s skilled mitigation, the defendant was […]

  • R v Michelle Spencer (June 2017)

    Michelle Colborne QC and Stephen Wood represented the Defendant who pleaded guilty to the murder of her partner as they kissed and cuddled by driving a four inch kitchen knife into him. The victim had returned home to find the Defendant preparing a meal, only moments later to have been stabbed. The Defendant called 999 […]

  • R v James Hutchinson (June 2017)

    Michelle Colborne QC and Jayne Beckett recently represented this Defendant who received a sentence of life imprisonment for the much publicised murder of his partner on Christmas Day. Miss Colborne successfully argued for the application of a 15 year starting point for the minimum term whilst accepting that the end figure must then be increased […]

  • Child Sex Exploitation – Operation Monroe – Sentencing April 2017

    Following the conviction of 4 men and one woman in Operation Monroe, regarding child sexual exploitation offences in Sheffield, Abigail Langford appeared at Sheffield Crown Court, on the 28th April as the defendants were sentenced. The group received 43 years in total for their offending against 5 young women. For further information on the case […]

  • Worker or independent contractor in the modern economy?

    The lines between “employee”, “worker” and “independent contractor” have become blurred, particularly over the last year following a number of key cases in this area and the emergence of the gig-economy. The recent cases of interest are Autoclenz Ltd v Belcher [2011] UKSC 41, Windle v Secretary of State for Justice [2016] EWCA Civ 459, […]

  • Mills: A Shift In Maintenance?

    “Divorcee Maria Mills defends herself after being labeled ‘gold digger’ for winning maintenance money for LIFE”: Mirror: 15 February 2017  Ex-husband will fight on to end ‘meal ticket for life’”: The Times: 11 February 2017 The recent Court of Appeal decision in Mills v. Mills [1] in which the wife received an increase in maintenance […]

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