Our Pupillage

If you are wanting to complete your training at a set which is both dynamic and welcoming, then you should apply for pupillage at Broadway House Chambers.

All pupillages are awarded with a view to tenancy. During this time our pupils will experience either prosecuting on behalf of the CPS in the Magistrates’ Court, assisting disclosure matters in CSE prosecutions, observing defence work in the Crown Court or observing work in the County Court, and the Immigration and Employment Tribunals. We have found that this structure works well and provides our pupils with a firm foundation for practice. We have also found that this approach works well for Chambers and for the pupil supervisors, and contributes to forming the kind of good working relationships which we achieve during pupillage and generally throughout Broadway House Chambers.



When recruiting pupils our aim is to find the candidates who we believe are best suited to the challenges of life at the Bar. In doing so we want to select pupils who best reflect our diverse society in terms of gender and ethnicity, socio-economic and other factors. All members of the pupillage recruitment panel have undertaken training provided by the Bar Council in relation to fair recruitment and to equality and diversity.



Chambers supports pupils with funding which is at least in line with current Bar Council recommendations. The current level of funding available and other useful information can be found on the Pupillage Portal website.

Our financial commitment to pupils will be in line with LWF.