Christopher Rowe Completes 100 Hours of Pro Bono work in 12 Months for Advocate

Mon 1st Mar 2021

Broadway House Chambers is delighted to announce that Christopher Rowe has successfully completed 100 hours of Pro Bono work in 12 months for the Bar’s pro bono charity, Advocate.

Rebecca Wilkie, Advocate’s CEO said: ‘Chris has just recently reached this aspirational target when he finished a three-day hearing for an applicant he has been helping since 2019.  In total he has helped with 13 separate pieces of pro bono assistance, including 10 instances of representation. The outcomes for our applicants would simply not have been achieved without the expert advice and representation provided by Christopher. His cases often involved complex legal issues and Christopher was able to provide comprehensive explanations as to how proceedings operate as well as advice about next steps’

Head of Chambers Rodney Ferm said: ‘I am delighted that Chris has received this recognition which his efforts fully deserve. Our Chambers have a long standing tradition of assisting clients who cannot afford representation through pro bono work’

Christopher Rowe said: ‘I strongly encourage all barristers to undertake pro bono work through Advocate. Take on a case that reflects the type of case that you are often involved in. The preparation will not be too laborious.  Your knowledge and experience will be invaluable to a pro bono client. Once you’ve finished the case, reflect and appreciate how your time, effort and assistance has made a difficult and uncertain time even just a little easier for that person.  Thereafter, you’ll no doubt want to do more, as happened to me’

Rebecca Wilkie added: ‘Christopher is truly motivated by helping individuals achieve access to justice. He has walked with applicants through every stage of complicated proceedings and an appeal process. Had his advice not been given, it is not clear how the applicants would have coped. Christopher should be highly commended for the work that he has done, and we are incredibly grateful for the hours he has given to support some of the most vulnerable people in society’

We are incredibly proud of Christopher’s work and for the hours he has given to support those who require free representation. We encourage anyone to follow in Christopher’s footsteps.

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Photo of Christopher Rowe Completes 100 Hours of Pro Bono work in 12 Months for Advocate