Mental Health Awareness Week

Mon 13th May 2019

Now begins the week of Mental Health Awareness, a topic that has risen towards the top of the list of priorities for businesses and especially for a Chambers. The shroud of burden is being lifted and the chains of silence broken in an industry (like many others) where it has been wrongly assumed that to show signs of any detriment to your mental health was a display of weakness.

Day after day the mix of stress from work and your personal life can eat away at you. For some they find the right balance that allows them to continue unhindered but for others it is not so easy and that is not their fault. In 2015 The Bar Council conducted research into Wellbeing and found a plethora of statistics and here are a few:

  • 1 in 3 find it difficult to control and stop worrying
  • 59% are very self-critical most or all of the time
  • 2 in 3 feel that showing signs of stress at work indicates weakness
  • 62% are unable to integrate work and outside of work most or all of the time

On this week I just want to remind those of you reading this that if you feel this way then you are not alone nor are you any weaker for it; you are strong for having endured the stress and the sacrifices. You can talk to a friend, to family, to a colleague or even a Wellbeing Officer if one has been designated. You will not burden them but rather free yourself and open up various avenues of assistance.

If you ever wish to talk to someone who doesn’t know you personally or you’d like some helpful information about this topic then there are many options, one of them being LawCare. They not only help Barristers but they also helps Solicitors, Judges, clerks etc. The friendly and helpful people at LawCare are happy to help with any personal or work problems so do visit their website and use their resources. You can contact them (confidentially) on 0800 279 6888.

We are all in this together and we are better off for it.

David Richardson- Criminal/Civil/Family Clerk

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Photo of Mental Health Awareness Week