• Waggott v Waggott: ‘Meal ticket for life…?’

    In the last twelve months the financial remedy world has had to get to grips with two key Court of Appeal decisions – Hart and Sharp – which deal with issues including matrimonial and non-matrimonial property, short marriages and sharing. To complete the trio, in April of this year, along came Waggott v Waggott [2018] […]

  • Good Character Directions and Allegations of Historic Sexual Offences

    In many cases involving allegations of historic sexual offences the sole prosecution evidence is that of the Complainant.  A Defendant must rely upon what is available to them and a properly formulated good character direction, where applicable, is one such evidential resource which cannot not be understated.  As the reader will likely be aware, the […]

  • Agents of Change and the Equality Act 2010

    In today’s workplace it is not uncommon to find individuals engaged on terms not constituting a classic employer/employee relationship. Many people operate under the auspices of “brass-plate” companies or other arms-length arrangements entirely legitimately, even if the relationship they create might in the eyes of the uninformed outsider be seen as employment in all but […]


    Peter Hampton secures convictions following trial of Tony Chapman on offences brought as part of the National Crime Agency’s investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation in Rotherham.  Click here:


    Congratulations to Elizabeth Noble from  BPP Law School in Leeds who won the final of Broadway House Chambers’ Plea in Mitigation Competition 2018. Elizabeth and three other finalists, Harry Dyson, Joe Hudson and Alice Ibbotson, all competed in the final before HHJ Durham-Hall QC at Bradford Crown Court on Wednesday 25th April. The standard of […]

  • The Scope of Costs in Employment Tribunal Proceedings: A Consideration of Sunuva Ltd v Martin [2017] UKEAT/01/0174/17

    In the case of Sunuva Ltd v Martin, the EAT held that the Employment Tribunal did not err in awarding costs to the claimant, Mrs Martin, including an award in respect of costs incurred for work done while legally represented before the claim had started. Mrs Martin was employed by Sunuva Ltd as an International […]

  • Practice Direction 12J – Child Arrangements and Contact Orders: Domestic Abuse and Harm- A Useful Reminder

    In the Circular regarding the Cobb Review of PD 12J the President said “I urge all judges to familiarise themselves with the new PD 12J and to do everything possible to ensure that it is properly complied with on every occasion and without fail to everyone to whom it applies.”   Practice Direction 12 J came […]

  • History and Evolution of Bribery Act 2010 and What it Means for Corporate Bodies

    Most companies would be aware that since the turn of the century, companies and organisations within the UK, have come under serious scrutiny.  This was with a view to eliminate, or at the very least significantly reduce certain practices in the world of business, that had extensive links to organised crime. This as many people […]

  • Costs In Unlawful Detention Litigation As Indirect Immigration Control

    This article looks at a growing trend in immigration unlawful detention litigation where the claim is brought by an individual without leave to remain in the UK, but whose forcible removal is problematic.   The defendant Home Office is increasingly making settlement offers in meritorious claims conditional on the claimant departing from the UK, and then […]


    Broadway House Chambers are delighted to announce Adam Willoughby’s appointment as Panel Counsel to Sport Resolutions, dealing with cases ranging from anti-doping and athlete/player contract disputes, to paralympic classification and disciplinary issues.

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