Jo Shepherd

Call: 1993


T: 01274 722560

BA (Hons) History
Young Fraud Lawyers of the North

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Notable Cases

R v Barrington – ex parte Preston Crown Court (Administrative Court – Road traffic appeal on costs from Central funds) [2002]

R v John Mills (Case Stated Appeal in High Court – Road Traffic) [2003]

R v Schafer, Mifsud, Crewe, Scott and Adams (Manchester Crown Court – multi-handed cigarette importation – HM Customs prosecution) [May 2004]

R v Stephen Bowers (Inland Revenue Fraud) – Minshull Street Crown Court- instructed by HM Revenue& Customs [2004]

R v Bolton & others (multi-handed diesel laundering fraud) – Bolton Crown Court – junior for HM Revenue & Customs [2004]

R v Geoffrey Scriven (DTI Prosecution – acting as a director whilst an undischarged bankrupt) – Chester Crown Court [2006]

R v David Lee (Multi-count historical sex case – Defendant with learning disabilities) – Preston Crown Court [2007]

R v Simon Unsworth& Arron Singh (Murder) – Preston Crown Court – junior for the Crown [2007]

R v Roman Ciesielski (assault on dementia patients in a care home) – Liverpool Crown Court [2008]

R v Shaun Skarnes& Another (Infamous “Furry case” – Conspiracy to Murder) – Junior for Defence – Preston Crown Court [2009]

R v Warren Harrop (Appeal against Sentence – Court of Appeal: complemented by the Honourable Mrs Justice Rafferty on both preparation & presentation) [2010]

R v Robin Taylor (Defence in multi-handed Working Tax benefit fraud) – Liverpool Crown Court [2011]

R v Helen Rose& Another (POCA on multi-count mortgage fraud) – Sheffield Crown Court [2011]

R v Carl Heyes& Another (successful Appeal against Conviction) – Court of Appeal [2011]

R v Jonathan Cragg (Liverpool Crown Court – defended police officer charged with misconduct in public office) [2011]

R v Richard Painter& Others (Defence in multi-handed Drug conspiracy) – Preston Crown Court [2011]

R v Graham Lane (£200k Theft from Employer by Wife – Acquitted after trial of money laundering) – Preston Crown Court [2012]

R v Andrew Bailey (Preston Crown Court – Attempted Murder trial) [2012]

R v (Crown Court  – appeal against sentence – “April Jones troll”) [2012]

R v David Horner (Murder – pleaded to manslaughter) Liverpool Crown Court [2012]

R v Mark Yates (Sexual offences – acquitted after trial) – Bradford Crown Court [2013]

R v Anthony Davies (Attorney-General’s Reference against failure to impose mandatory minimum sentence for 3rd strike burglar (Court of Appeal – Community Order to stand based on Defence’s compliance since sentence) [August 2013]

R v Matthew Winterbottom (serious Sexual offences) – Manchester Crown Court [2013]

R v Melecio Oseo (Sexual offences – acquitted) – Minshull Street Crown Court [2013]

R v Barry Woodhead (serious sexual offences) – Preston Crown Court [2013]