Jon Gregg

Call: 1990


T: 01274 722 560 or 0113 246 2600

Gray’s Inn

Legal Aid Supplier Number 7037Z

Photo of Jon Gregg

Practice Overview

Jon both prosecutes and defends cases of ever increasing seriousness, commensurate with his 25 years’ practise. He feels that practising in both disciplines enhances his performance. Jon has particular expertise in POCA proceedings.

Jon is a category 4 prosecutor and a member of the C.P.S. Rape Panel on the North-Eastern Circuit.

Jon is an experienced criminal barrister, who began his career on the Northern Circuit, before moving to Yorkshire in 2008. The majority of his work is undertaken on the North-Eastern Circuit, with occasional forays to the Midland. Jon’s many years’ practise in Manchester chambers has engendered a degree of loyalty from local solicitors there, who have continued to brief him even after he crossed the Pennines, resulting in a significant degree of work in the Manchester courts. He is instructed in cases of the utmost gravity, including murder and manslaughter, where he works with leading counsel. In turn, he is instructed as a leading junior when the size or complexity of a case demands two or more counsel.

Key Skills:
Jon is a thorough and hard-working criminal barrister. He is personable, but not afraid to give robust advice when the case demands it. He has an eye for detail, and a mastery of figures when it becomes necessary to confront allegations of financial irregularity. The ability to remain unfazed by the unexpected or outlandish stands him in good stead when conducting cases involving allegations of extreme violence or sexual trauma. A careful cross-examiner, he is acutely aware of the need for tact and consideration when conducting cases involving sexual crime. He has worked with intermediaries, and is mindful of the need to allow young and/or traumatised witnesses to deliver their evidence to the best of their ability.