As a Chambers we strive to be as transparent as possible. This includes providing information about timescales, fees, public access instructions, complaints and the areas of law in which we practice.

It is difficult to state exactly how much it costs to instruct a barrister. This depends on the case type, the barristers experience, preparatory work and case length. Your fixed fees may vary depending on your needs – for example, your fees may be towards the higher end of the range if you need a more experienced barrister and/or you have a more complex case. Our most commonly used pricing models are fixed fees, hourly rates and CFA. All fees stated are plus VAT (where applicable and further information regarding this can be requested from our Fees Clerk Conor Allen at These fees are quoted on a case to case basis and professionals, licenced access and lay clients may contact Chambers to obtain a quotation for our legal services. You can contact us on 01274 722560/0113 246 2600 or email and a clerk will respond to you within 3 working days.

You can see our range of fees including pricing models here:


Some cases, which escape the fee range provided, may result in additional costs. Refresher fees (subsequent days of the main hearing where the main hearing exceeds one day) are therefore stated within the above document. Your case may also require a conference prior to the hearing and you can find a fee range for this within the document above. You will be notified of any additional costs before they are incurred.

For certain types of cases clients may be entitled to Legal Aid. However, we are not qualified to advise as to whether your particular case, or you as an individual, would qualify for Legal Aid. To find out more information regarding Legal Aid please visit / or contact a solicitor regarding your eligibility.

Public Access
To instruct us on a public access basis, please view our Public Access page which is here All information in regards to the process, costs, barristers, practice areas and timescales can be viewed on this page. Please also view the Bar Standards Board’s Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients which you can find here If you have any further questions or need guidance on this process then please do not hesitate to contact us on and a Clerk will respond within 3 working days.

Can we accept all cases?
Barristers at Broadway House Chambers practice in Crime, Family Law, Employment Law, Civil Law, Immigration Law and Sports Law. Should you have a case which we do not practice in, we will recommend other Chambers which we know practice in this area. To view specific areas of law within each practice area please see:

Our Barristers
To view our barristers profiles and which areas they practice in please visit

You can also search for our Barristers on the Bar Standards Board Register at’-register/. The Bar Standards Board Barristers’ Register shows who has a current Practising Certificate and whether a Barrister has any disciplinary findings which are published on the Barristers’ Register in accordance with the Bar Standards Board’s policy. Alternatively you can contact the Bar Standards Board on 0207 6111 444 to ask about this (or e-mail

Dependent on the amount of information received, which Barrister you request, the complexity of the case and the Court date which you provide, it may be difficult to give a timescale as to when we can reply to you. We always aim to respond to you within the same working day however please allow up to 3 working days (dependent upon hearing dates). For more information on timescales please telephone 01274 722560 or email and our Clerks can provide a rough timescales in relation to your case.

Contact us
Please contact us on 01274 722560 (Bradford) or 0113 246 2600 (Leeds) or email Professional, licenced access and lay clients may contact Chambers to obtain a quotation for our legal services.

We welcome any feedback that you may have in relation to the barrister that represented you or the member of staff who you communicated with throughout instructions. All feedback is anonymous and helps us improve our services. If you do not wish for your feedback to be anonymous, please state your full name in one of the text bars within the survey: Your feedback is invaluable.

Broadway House Chambers aims to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the service they receive from all Members of Chambers and staff. However should you have a concern or complaint, we will investigate and respond as soon as possible. For more information please see our complaints procedure at the bottom of the page or you can be directed by clicking here. Our complaints procedure contains the following:

-Any right you may have to complain to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) – the independent body which can help you if you have complained to your lawyer and are not happy with their response;

-How to complain to the LeO and any time limits for making a complaint.

You can also search the decision data on the LeO’s website: This shows providers which received an ombudsman’s decision in the previous calendar year, and whether the LeO required the provider to give the consumer a remedy. Alternatively, you can contact the LeO on 0300 555 0333 to ask about this (or e-mail

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board
Broadway House Chambers is regulated by the Bar Standards Board. You can view their website here: Alternatively, you can contact the Bar Standards Board on 020 7611 1444 to ask about this (or e-mail